Pioneer Car Stereo Speakers

The Pioneer company was founded in 1938 by Nozomu Matsumoto in Tokyo, Japan. Like most people who started up these types of companies he had a love for music. He took that passion and made learned how to create high quality speakers to help others enjoy it as much as him. This company started off small in which he manufactured and repaired speakers out of his garage. Since then it has grown into a worldwide franchise in which the company has created home and car stereo speakers.

Unlike most companies they have not changed their love for music and the reason why the company was started. Everyday they are researching and doing what they can to discover the newest advancements in technology and how to use it to their benefit. This assures their customers that they are getting only the highest quality car stereo speakers to help them enjoy their music at full volume.

Types Of Pioneer Car Stereo Speakers

  • PRS Series
  • D-Series
  • A-Series
  • G-Series
  • Custom Fit

TS-A Pioneer Car Stereo Speaker

The newest and best thing to roll out of Pioneer is the TS-A car stereo speaker. This Pioneer car stereo speaker is built with the basalt rock speaker technology – which makes them very light and rigid. This mixture increases the output in the lower bass frequencies. The cones are enhanced with basalt and matched with the soft dome midrange that is placed in a wave guide. This creates a smooth and open sound output to bring drivers only the best sound quality.

The new TS-A Pioneer car stereo speakers come in 6”x9” and 6 ½”. They feature carbon graphite IMPP interlaced aramid and a basalt fiber cone. The basalt rock has been melted and then spun into basalt fibers that are long and combined with carbon graphite and aramid composites. This process will increase the rigidity without the extra weight as well as adding superb sound quality even in some of the harshest conditions. These speakers cost around $80.