Infinity Car Stereo Speakers

Infinity has been producing and marketing music products since 1968. The company believed in combining the art and the excitement that came with music together with the technology of the design of a loud speaker. Not only have they created products for home theatre systems – but they have also designed some of the most popular car stereo speakers on the market.

Infinity car stereo speakers are available with mobile speakers, subwoofers, and all of the necessary components that are available to it. Now drivers can listen to their favorite music at the volume they want and are able to experience the full effect that it can offer.

Top Infinity Car Stereo Speaker

One of the more popular brand of Infinity car stereo speakers are the Kappa series. The Kappa32.9CF in particular is built with a single woven glass fiber woofer cone and an edge driven MMD dome tweeter. The woofer cones are built with technology (pending a patent) that is able to deliver more of a surface area than most other models in this size. Because of this the efficiency and bass output is higher.

The MMD dome tweeters are fully edge driven domes that are similar to the types used in home stereo speakers. They utilize a larger voice coil that will increase the power handling and offers improved sonic integration thanks to the mid-woofer.

Every Kappa infinity car stereo speaker is built with two ohm voice coils. The speaker wiring is installed by the factory as 18-22 gauge in many vehicles. The heating and wiring in the voice coil will increase the impedance by either the head unit or the amplifier. The impedance of Kappa Speakers are all adjusted in order to make up for the increase and can be safely used by any type of head unit.